Jeep Liberty Window Regulator instructions courtesy of Power Up Auto

DIY and SAVE $ to repair your Jeep Liberty Window Regulator. It is among the easier repairs and should only take about 30-45 minutes. We have these available at upanddownmainstreet.com. Photo instructions are below and a video we uploaded to youtube is also on the page.

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Left Front Jeep Liberty LiftplateThe problem with the original liftplates was where they screwed on to the metal cable that travels up and down the regulator. The bracket would strip out and the glass fall into the door. The new, OEM, USA made redesign has the bracket secure on the metal cable. Much better design. You will also find these produced as metal brackets made in China. You might think the metal style would be better. It is not. The metal replacements do not include the cable and require you to do some drilling. Not nearly as smooth and much more difficult to install. We have been using the Mopar replacements for several years with very few problems.

Jeep Liberty Broken TubeThe motors on these regulators are seldom the problem. The only thing you need to be careful of is the two tubes the metal cable travels in. The main tube (left) needs to be unbroken. If it is broken you can not use the regulator and will need a new one. The secondary smaller tube (right) could still work if broken but you will hear the metal cable running through your door when the window goes up and down.

Jeep Liberty Door PullTo change the bracket for the Jeep Liberty you will need a 10mm socket,
pliers, hammer, phillips and flathead screwdriver. Remove the cover on
behind the door handle and then the screw. Remove the screw in the door



Jeep Liberty speaker

Jeep Liberty door rodRemove the door panel by inserting the flathead screwdriver between the door and pull the clips out. There is a retaining clip that the door open rod clips into. unhook that, remember to reconnect when you reinstall. Remove the 3 speaker screws & the speaker.

Jeep Liberty liftplate clipPull off the plastic moisture barrier. When you lower the window you will see the liftplate. remove the one clip (rears) or two clips (fronts). You will be able to push the glass away from the liftplate and raise it to the top. Secure it with a suction cup or tape. You do not need to remove the glass from the door.

Jeep Liberty wiring harnessThe wiring harness is behind where the speaker is. There is a red clip you will need to push, it does not come out completely, and unplug the wiring harness.

There are seven 10mm bolts that hold the regulator to the door. It appears you could just loosen the bolts and still remove the regulator. You should not. Remove the 7 bolts completely. Three hold the motor and two at the top and bottom of the regulator.

jeep liberty regulatorNext you need to remove the regulator from the door very carefully. The rears have a bit more room to work than the fronts. As already discussed, do not break the tubing. It can be brittle from being baked in the door all these years. Take your time and do not apply too much pressure.

To change the liftplate you first need to remove the old liftplate and metal cable. Feel free to spray a little silicone into both ends of the tube to make it easier. You will bend down the tab at the bottom of the regulator with a pair of pliers, remove and set aside the black plastic stop. You will usually need to apply current to the motor to move the metal cable down through the regulator. You can attach two wires to a battery pack from a cordless tool (12 volts max please) or plug the motor into the harness in the door and turn on the key to the car.

In the picture to the left you can see the white plastic tubing that has broken off onto the metal cable. This remaining tubing may make it difficult to get the cable out of the regulator. You may need to pull the cable out with pliers. It may be necessary to remove the motor from the regulator for easier access. Sometimes they can be a real challenge to remove.

If you have one of the complete liftplate kits you can apply grease to both tracks on the regulator. Slide the cable up, line up the bracket on the rail, apply current to have the motor power the liftplate into the regulator. Reinstall the black plastic stop and use the pliers to close the bottom of the bracket. You may need a few whacks with a hammer. Please visit upanddownmainstreet.com to buy these.




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